Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Growing Up: 14 Years in 4 Minutes #video #parenting

One of my most favorite quotes about parenting is The days are long but the years are fast.  Just recently, it dawned on me that for as long as I have been parenting, my children will be out the door.  I will have to say, that sort of choked me up.  My oldest is 10 and in less than 10 years, my baby will be 18.  I think being an older mother and having experienced my nieces and nephews grow up, I realize how fast time can fly.  I have tried to savor every moment of parenting, even the bad days, because I know I really don't have much time left with them at home.

I came across this video that I thinks really captures a girl growing up.  Filmmaker Frans Hofmeester chronicled his daughter Lotte's growth from birth to age 14 in 15-second installments shot weekly and spliced together in a 4-minute time-lapse narrative.  Enjoy! 

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