Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lottie™--The Doll That Doesn't Sexualize Girls #christmastoys

Disclosure:  I received a Lottie doll and accessory kit in exchange for my honest opinion.  Links in this post may contain affiliate links.

Lottie™ is a relatively new doll to the market that was released in August 2012.  This doll, designed for children ages 3-9, is different than most other dolls on the market in that it is made to look and dress like a child.  Basically, this is a wholesome doll.  She doesn't have breasts, makeup or come with high heels.  She is a fun little girl.  And, she is getting attention.  Lottie™ has won 19 awards in the US, Canada and UK, including 5 Oppenheim Portfolio Platinum Awards.

With fall in the air, I was able to check out Autumn Leaves Lottie.  This doll is sweet.  At 7.5", she has long blonde hair with bangs and is dressed in a puppy dog t-shirt, corduroy skirt, tights and boots.   She also has a coat, hat and scarf. All clothing is easy to take off and put back on and fastens with velcro.  The doll's body is a hard plastic.  The arms are flexible and rotates well.  The legs bend at the knee joints.  I like that she can actually stand flat on her feet.  She is a sweet little doll.  The only thing I don't love is her hair.  In part, I think it is due to the packaging.  There was a plastic band around her head which crunched her hair.  The ends are a layered cut that look sort of choppy, in my opinion.  However, it also doesn't tangle, which is a big plus!

The Biscuit the Beagle Dog accessory kit is adorable.  It comes with Biscuit the Beagle, a dog bag, a leash, a dog jacket, dog bed, bowl and dog bone.  The leash handle can attach to Lottie's hand so she can walk him.

Clothes are very easy to remove and put on.
It is a nice quality but truly, the best part of the doll is her image.  I grew up with Barbie.  In other words, I grew up with a sexualized image of women.  Why people ever felt the need to feed that to little girls is beyond me.  Why should a little girl play with dolls that look like adults?  And things are even worse today with some of the other hoochie mama dolls that are out there.  I love the concept of Lottie™.  She is a kid, just like my kids.  Who just wants to be a kid.  Just like my kids.  Lottie's motto is "Be bold, be brave, be you/"  Just the kind of message I want my girls to have.

I love the various Lottie dolls and accessory kits.  Lottie can be just about anything she wants to be, including a super hero!  I am also excited to hear that there will be a series of Lottie chapter books to be released.  Each book will expand on the story outline that appears on the back of the Lottie doll box.

You can find Lottie dolls at Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, and other specialty toy retailers.

I am pretty certain that Lottie dolls are going to be the hit toy of the holiday season, so make sure you get yours soon!

For more about Lottie Dolls:

Watch the new video of Lottie and her friends on their adventures on Branksea Island!

For more information, product line and fun activities visit:

Disclosure:  I received a Lottie doll and accessory kit in exchange for my honest opinion.  Links in this post may contain affiliate links.


Unknown said...

This is awesome. I love it...finally a doll that is fully clothed!!!!

Amy said...

Looks like the kind of doll I would want for my daughter! thanks for sharing, just in time for Christmas.

Lissa Crane said...

I love the idea that there are still dolls out there that allow little girls to be little girls!

lil_lady_dz said...

Love the layering on this doll, the clothing is so cute, love that is cover her up and her little dog is adorable.

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