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A Great Book to Help Girls Discover Themselves: Elements for Girls #book #review

Disclosure:  I received a copy of Elements for Girls to facilitate this review.  As always, I express my honest opinions.  Links in post may contain affiliate links.

Girls today have many more challenges to growing up than in my day.  Kids still have some of the same issues, but they are bombarded by more messages in the media that tell them to be a certain way than I was 30 years ago.  Add to that social media, and wow--it is a challenge.  I think the more positive messages and influences we can give our girls, the better they will fare.

Having worked with teen and tween girls and having two girls of my own (one a tween and one who thinks she is), I know they love books with activities and questionnaires about friends, growing up and everything in between.

Elements for Girls is just that type of book, only better, in my opinion.  Elements is "a fun and engaging self-discovery project."  Authors Mary Ellen Young and Sandra McDonnell have dedicated this book to adolescent girls to help them slow down and take a look at who they really are.  The book explores 10 elements of self-discovery and growth, using 10 beads, each with meaning, to create a bracelet.  This bracelet is a reminder of the skills they have learned.

The chapters/beads are as follows:
  1. Uniquely Me:  focuses on strengths, abilities and weaknesses
  2. My Ancient Reptile Brain:  activities inform about our brain and how it works
  3. Fixing Stinking Thinking:  the focus is on how powerful our thoughts are and how to get rid of stinking thinking
  4. Ocean of Emotion:  discusses recognizing, managing and learning from our feelings
  5. Your Body:  covers advertising/media messages about our body and learning to love your body
  6. TTYL--Talking, Texting and Other Tools for Communicating:  explains how we rely on nonverbal communication but that is lost in e-communications as well as covering pitfalls
  7. In Your Shoes:  focuses on developing empathy for and acceptance of others
  8. Yin, Yang and You:  activities help with ways to deal with stress, including caring for your health
  9. Black and White:  focuses on conflict and problem solving
  10. Shoot for the Stars:  activities cover goal setting in a variety of areas
The design and layout of the book is very appealing for young people.  The pictures are cute.  The book itself is spiral bound like a notebook, making it easy to use.  The pictures are black and white, so girls can color them in if they want.  It is well written with easy to understand language for young girls.  I feel it is appropriate for pre-teens to teenage girls. The only thing I did not see in the book was any mention of God or religion.  I am sure the authors purposely left it out to make it neutral, but they could have added "pray" as a suggested way to cope with stress.  Overall, as a mother and a counselor working with children, I highly recommend this book.  I love the inclusion of "stinking thinking" as I am believer that our thoughts are very powerful.  The messages in the book are very  positive and will help girls learn to like themselves better and to deal more effectively with their challenges.  The inclusion of the bead bracelet is a fun bonus to encourage girls to finish the book.

I think this book would be great to use for a book club for girls, with guidance from an adult, but it is also great to use solo.

The book and bracelet, priced at $24.99, are available online at or $18.90 at

Disclosure:  I received a copy of Elements for Girls to facilitate this review.  As always, I express my honest opinions.  Links in post may contain affiliate links.

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