Friday, February 13, 2015

Free Share a Snug Valentine Video Card #shareasnug

Snuggle Bear

Disclosure:  I received product to facilitate this post.

Valentine's Day is almost here and Snuggle is helping American's share more than hugs, but hugs with more love, otherwise known as The Snug™. The totally adorable Snuggle Bear (which, by the way, was created by Jim Henson) has great snuggling tips--visit to create your own personalized (more than 400 names spoken) video message featuring Snuggle Bear for a friend or loved one. This can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email.

But Snuggle Bear isn't stopping there. Today, in Manhatten, he will be riding through the streets on a SnugMobile to try to break a Guinness World Record for the most hugs given by a puppet in 8 hours. He is inviting people on board the snuggly soft bus, to share a Snug, take a Snuggle selfie, and receive a free plush Snuggle Bear to take home. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to join in the Snugs.

There is even more great news.  In the midst of winter, Snuggle has released a new scent--Fresh Spring Flowers.  It is absolutely amazing!  I even kept a box on my desk for a couple days just so I could think spring. The dryer sheets are a great way to combat the static that is so bad at this time of the year.  (My hair stylist's tip:  wipe a dryer sheet across your hair to reduce static hair).  I also love using the long lasting scent boosters in my load for sheets.  It makes it seem like they have hung outside on the line.  And even though they are flannel, I can at least think spring, right?

Disclosure:  I received product to facilitate this review.

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