Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Does it Take to Cross the Finish Line?

I heard an inspiring story on the news the other day.  A woman by the name of Asia Ford came in last place in a 10K race in Louisville, KY.  As a grossly overweight mother, she was determined to lose weight so she could take care of her children.  She began a boot camp and began training for the 10K.  She was losing weight and was determined to complete this 10K no matter what.

Around the fourth mile, she began having trouble breathing. Lt. Gregory saw that she was in distress and asked if she wanted a ride to the finish line.  Asia's determination to finish the race set in.  Lt. Gregory joined in, hand-in-hand with Asia and her son to finish the over two miles left.

Coming in last place meant nothing to Asia.  Crossing the finish line is what counted.  But quite  possibly, she couldn't have done it alone.

The story touched many.  Maybe because it really isn't a story about racing, but a story about life.  How many times have we needed someone to help us cross the finish line?

The true beauty of the story is this--Lt. Gregory offered a hand without question.  He didn't question why she was overweight.  Why she let herself get that way.  Why she was trying for a lofty goal.  He didn't judge her.  He didn't put her down.  He didn't ridicule her or taunt her.  He didn't question why this was important.

He simply offered a hand to help her to where she was going.

A simple lesson we can all learn.

Who can you be a Lt. Gregory to today?

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Unknown said...

I read about this yesterday.. Very positive story. It's possible to offer a hand even when you need a hand... And I must keep that in mind.

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