Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Amazing Hike at the Arc of Appalachia, Ohio #hiking #ohio

We recently made a camping trip to Paint Creek State Park in Ohio.  This is a beautiful area with rolling farm lands with the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains as the backdrop.  We spent one morning hiking in the Arc of Appalachia area, a preserve system.  We hiked at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. There is a small museum there, which is really more of an information center.  Hiking around the center is free, but the area does have trails that require a $35 membership decal.  We just hiked the free trails this trip, which were fairly easy, but did have some steps that wind into the Rocky Fork Gorge.

We saw small caves on our hike, a small waterfall, many wild flowers, numerous species of birds, geese, fish and a water snake.  Here are some photos of our hike and we definitely plan to go back and do more hiking in the area.  Enjoy!

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