Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ever Shop at Justice? Then Could Get Cash

Justice Store SettlementJustice from Justice--finally.

Justice is a store I really don't like. I have always thought they were way overpriced (especially for the quality) among other things. I very clearly remember the conversation with my daughter where she was insisting that the store was 40% off. 40% off of overpriced, I said. I remember telling her that 40% was really the regular price. Try convincing an 8 year old. It was a tough sell and I think she was still doubtful. It was probably actually easier for a mom to convince the courts, which one mother successfully did. And guess what? That means if you shopped at Justice anytime from 1/1/12 and 2/28/15, you are due some money or vouchers.

With no receipts, you can select either a $13 check or $20 in a Justice voucher (off purchase of $25 or more). Or, if you have receipts, you can get more. Read all the details here: It is very easy to file your claim--simply enter your information, choose the type of settlement you want and click enter.

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