Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Care for Your Lips Plus Carmex Coupon @Carmex #Carmex #sponsored

Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise winter. I could go on and on why--dry skin, static hair, bulky coats and gloves, cold steering wheels, cold feet and don't forget chapped lips. I received a complimentary gift pack from Carmex and now at least one part of winter is better for me--my lips! Even though I got a Carmex gift pack for free, what I am about to say is the honest to gosh truth.

I dig this stuff! First of all--I completely love the limited addition packaging on the Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm. Before I could even decide which one I wanted to open, my girls snagged their favorites. They have very cute designs with colors from Pantone's official color forecast and prints and textures taken from the runways. It's like designer lip balm! And,they change the packaging colors every season.

I like this thin tube, too, because it is light weight and can easily slip in my pants pockets undetected. The true test is how well it moisturizes. I'll be honest, once I had a small pot of the Carmex. I hated using it because you had to use your fingers to put it on. I also didn't care for the smell so I didn't use it although I know people who swear by it.

The Carmex Moisture Plus is completely different. It glides on smoothly from a stick and has a light vanilla scent and flavor (not that I lick my lips often, but did just to test it). It contains aloe and Vitamin E as well as SPF sunscreen (truly love that because I will use it in the summer). I like that it has a soft, clear gloss finish on my lips. Not super shiny like lip gloss, but just a bit of a satiny shine with a natural look. It feels light to wear and right way, my lips felt softer. Even my daughter, who had super chapped lips, commented on how smooth her lips felt. This one gets the thumbs up and will replace what I am currently using.

It retails for just $2.49 and you can pick it up in the checkout lands of Walmart, Walgreens or Dollar General. Even better, print off a coupon for 75¢ HERE.

So, which style would you choose?

Disclosure: I received a Carmex gift package in exchange for my honest opinions.

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