Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summertime Fun with #Stikbots #spon

Children today love technology. But one thing I hate is when kids are only sitting around playing games on their devices all day. Our children need to think creatively and when they are only playing these games, their creative muscles shrink. So, when I was asked to review StikBot Studio Pro, I was happy to let my kids try it out in exchange for my opinions. StikBots are poseable “bots” with sticky hands and feet that allow you to pose them in many ways to create stop motion animation.

The StikBot Studio Pro takes comes with 1 tripod , 2 stikbots (solid red and solid orange color) , 2in1 stage green and blue screen. The green screen allows you to capture the best photo and video and save time editing and allows you to digitally recreate the background of your scene with your own photos, video or animated backgrounds. It works with the free Zing StikBot Studio app, available on iOS & Android to create your own video. Snap individual photos and compile them together into a video, adding music, sound effect options and even animated backdrops. Kids can then share their videos using the hashtag #Stikbot.

Downloading the free app was simple. It is pretty user friendly and has help buttons. It is easy to set up the stage and position the bots (note, slightly moistening the hands and feet make them stick better). The tripod worked well with my iPhone 5 and is adjustable to other sizes. It is simple to choose your own background photo or video or one on the app. Your device screen will shows where the bot was in the last image, so you can easily position it just slightly different.  You can also add music, voices or other sounds.

I found this to not only be fun, but educational. It sparks children’s creativity while they learn about how green screens work and how stop-motion works. The voice/music is added separately, which poses a problem since you cannot watch the video while recording, as is evidenced in the video my daughter and I made. You just sort of have to guess what is going on in the video when adding the voice. Maybe there is a way to do this so you can watch the video while recording, but I have yet to figure it out. You can tweak the speed of the video to try to make it fit the voices, but that is not exact.

It is easy enough to change the sound in your video, but you cannot change the background.

My daughter and I made this in a matter of minutes, so you can see how easy this is. If you spend any amount of time, you could really come up with something clever! In fact, just search Stikbots on YouTube and you will find a ton of funny videos! This has really inspired my kids to do something fun and creative with technology.

Right now, it is on sale at Amazon for just $16.12! Trust me, this is a fun thing for kids to do over the summer.

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Hobbies on a Budget said...

My kids think StikBots are awesome too! We've been wanting to try the studio but haven't got it yet. I love that kids can be creative and learn something useful while having fun!

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