Monday, July 18, 2016

Tasting Rome #cookbook #Italian #recipies

One thing I know about my Italian heritage is that food is so much more than the actual meal. Food is part of the culture and history f the people that is handed down from generation to generation. Food is the bonding of families for Italians. Food is an expression of love. I think it is probably impossible to walk into an Italian's house and not be offered food (and it is an insult not to accept).
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 I have piles of cookbooks and a drawer (or two) of recipes, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to review Tasting Rome by Katie Parla and Kristina Gill because the book isn't just a cookbook. It is a "love letter from two Americans" living in Rome who showcase the best recipes Rome has to offer. I was not compensated for this post--just my honest opinion.

The book itself is a beautiful, hardboard edition with thick paged paper with beautiful photos--not only of the food, but of Rome itself. It will lie nearly flat when opened which is a plus for any cookbook.

Even if you don't cook but want to learn more about Rome and it's culinary delights, this book is for you. Covering recipes, traditions and cultures, this is an enjoyable book to just sit down and read.

The recipes themselves range from simple to complex. Living in a suburban community that has no culinary taste, it would be challenging for me to find many of the ingredients that recipes call for. However, some of these ingredients would be easily found in larger cities, especially if there was an Italian market. The author do give substitutions for some of the recipes.

If you are a good cook and able to get your hands on these ingredients, this book would be a great choice for authentic Roman recipes.

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